Dear friends:

Welcome to my blog. My name is Ying XIONG. I am a board certified Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. For the past several years, I have treated many patients in my Sarasota office for various health issues using Classical Chinese Medicine methods. As the system of Chinese Medicine is built upon a very different foundation from that of the Western medical approach, I find that it is even more important to educate my patients in the foundation, philosophy, and logical thinking behind this ancient healing system.  This helps my patients understand the essence of Classical Chinese Medicine, and therefore, enables them to build trust in it so that healing may begin.

Often, patients come to my clinic with health issues that current Western medical practitioners have no clear diagnosis and/or solution for and they are regularly surprised to see how fast healing can manifest.  Some of my patients have used the word “miracle”, and I suppose, it could appear that way, considering the long journey many have taken prior to entering my office.  Sometimes they can overwhelm me with their gratitude and I like to remind them: “You don’t have to thank me – please thank yourself for your trust in Chinese Medicine and for the beautiful teamwork that made this accomplishment possible”.

Whenever a patient walks into my clinic and puts before me a goal for their health, I can see they are committing to giving Classical Chinese Medicine a try, and we become an instant and dedicated team.  From that moment on, there is a bond of trust and a necessary deep understanding in our communication.  We are then able to move forward working together smoothly — reaching our goal as effectively, and of course, as swiftly, as possible.

From these many healing journeys that I have taken with my patients, I found that, over time, I had developed a series of analogies and explanations using uncomplicated language so that my patients could understand exactly what I was trying to accomplish.

As a result, the educational material naturally developed on its own in an organic way – so, all that was left to do was to organize these concepts in the hopes that they reach beyond the walls of my clinic and help to educate those in need, or with loved ones in need, no matter where they are.

Soon these educational materials gave “birth” to a series of articles that I will present here.  If their content makes sense to you and they spurn any health related questions, please feel free to contact us.  We are more than happy to help, answer your questions, and/or provide more information if needed.

Thank you and best wishes for your health, strength and vitality~