Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis is an important part of Chinese Medicine. However, not many practitioners nowadays have really mastered pulse diagnosing skills. Unfortunately, this ancient technique needs a huge amount of hands-on training. In a society where the mentality is set to “I want something yesterday,” very few practitioners have the patience and determination to calm down their heart, and train their fingers to “listen” to patients’ inside world. Even for those serious practitioners who are really passionate about learning, the question of where to find a good teacher that truly masters the skill is crucial.

I have to say that I am very lucky in this field in that instead of relentlessly looking for teachers, my teacher found me. His name is Dr. Leon Hammer, and he is a pulse guru, a pioneer and legendary doctor in the Chinese Medicine field in Western countries. For more information, please click here.

This 92-year-old doctor spent 27 years inheriting an ancient pulse system from his Chinese teacher. For those of you who already read my long blog which explains about the difference between Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, you may realize an important fact: the pulse system that he inherited from his Chinese teacher is a treasure passed down generations, but unfortunately it got lost during world war II in China before the People’s Republic of China was founded. Therefore, it is not a surprise that no doctors trained under the TCM institutions know about pulse diagnosing, and that so few are mastering it. Only in recent years, this pulse system received more and more attention among the Chinese community and finally in year 2016, the first Shen-Hammer Pulse System training seminar kicked off in China.

Pulse diagnosis can reveal a lot of information regarding a patient’s health. It can be used as a powerful “body-scanner” to help a practitioner to make a correct diagnosis, to customize a treatment protocol, to predict the development of disease, and most important of all, to provide us with very useful information for early detection of many severe health issues way before Western diagnostic tools can detect them. Therefore, it gives us enough time to change the direction of disease and to prevent many tragedies from happening.

Please pay attention to our blog as we will have blog articles with interesting stories of pulse diagnosis posted soon. 

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