Weight Management

After practicing Chinese Medicine in Sarasota for years, I have found an interesting phenomenon: patients come to see me for different health issues, be it knee pain due to arthritis, chronic leg/feet edema, chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness, Meniere’s syndrome, digestive problem, you name it. During the diagnosis process, I find out that the root of the problem has a lot to do with the efficiency of water metabolism inside the patient’s body.

Our conversations usually start off with their initial health concern that brings them in, then as we follow the recommended course of treatment patients will sometimes notice a drop in the weight.

Let’s take one patient’s testimonial for example:

Dear Dr. Xiong:
I have found such relief from your treatments. I have suffered for a long time from pain in my back and knees. I had reached the point of thinking of my needing a knee replacement. This was not a good option – many friends have had it done and lost a great deal of mobility. Before I came to you I was unable to get to a standing position from sitting. This was painful and embarrassing. After you treated me with acupuncture, powders and teas, I am doing wonderful. My husband now goes and has had dramatic improvement with a very chronic bowel condition. Your kind way and sincere interest in your patients put us at ease. Thank you so much for your help.
Carole P.

Carole came to me for her chronic back pain and knee pain. Both of her knees were very swollen and it made her very difficult to get to a standing position from sitting. Because of her issue has a lot to do with water metabolism inside the body (In Chinese Medicine, we called it Triple Burner/San-Jiao), we customized a protocol to help you increase the efficiency in terms of removing waste water and strengthen the related organ functions that have a close relationship with water metabolism.

Immediately after the first treatment, she was able to get up from chair with no pain. And one week later, she came back to my clinic and told me she had lost eight pounds since the first treatment and felt great.

These cases we tend to see frequently in our clinic. Please refer to our patient’s reviews and testimonials for more information. For any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us.

For patients who are interested in weight management in particular, below is a general outline for what we normally do in our clinic:

  • We will have to perform a thorough whole-body diagnosis in terms of evaluation water metabolism efficiency.
  • A food journal is required for patient to write down everything he/she consume in a daily basis, so that we can do some analysis to re-adjust some food structure and lifestyle habits.
  • Internal health issues will be addressed as higher priority. The goal is to get a patient on the path to a healthier lifestyle with losing weight as an added “side-effect”. Therefore, we don’t promote extreme dieting and methods that sacrifice patient’s health only for weight loss. We are focused on building long term, healthy lifestyle choices.

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