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How healthy are you really? Are you out of balance?

Chinese Medicine believes that all aspects of a person must be in balance to achieve happiness and good health. Since symptoms signify an imbalance, and imbalances lead to disease, these symptoms should be resolved. The earlier these imbalances are treated, the easier they are to resolve. This is the best way to prevent disease and ensure a happy and healthy life.

Pattern Diagnosis is the “hallmark” of Chinese Medicine, the world’s oldest, continually practiced, literate, professional medicine, serving one-fourth of the world’s population. A “pattern” is a constellation of signs and symptoms that are generally found to exist simultaneously. In other words, various symptoms tend to occur together, that is, they form a “pattern.” There are many types of patterns within Chinese Medicine. Western Medical disease diagnosis is similarly addressed in Chinese Medicine with Pattern Diagnosis. The symptoms are grouped together into their CCM “Patterns” and then addressed with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to resolve the patterns and therefore the Western Medical disease. A person usually does not have all the symptoms in a particular “pattern,” but having 2 or 3 symptoms is enough to indicate the presence of that pattern.

What we list below are several groups of common patterns and their corresponding symptoms. The first two patterns listed inside generally represent the onset of disease in Chinese Medicine. As you progress down the list, the potential for a Western Medical disease diagnosis increases.

Take this test and see if you have any patterns of imbalance. If you are interested in getting a detailed explanation of your testing results, please fill the form below to claim a voucher. This voucher will entitle you to book a 20-minutes initial health consultation at my clinic for FREE.



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