Food Therapy

Chinese people love food and cooking.

Those of you who read our blog probably already know an interesting fact about the history of Chinese Medicine. The legendary story of a famous doctor back in the Shang dynasty (16th c BC to 11th c BC). This incredibly smart and talented gentleman whose name is Yi Yin, started his career as a slave cook, eventually becoming the prime minister of the country. He also wrote the first herbal formula book in history. Even nowadays, chefs in China highly respect him as the ancestor of all chefs.

As a native Chinese who was born and raised up in China, I inherited not only classical Chinese Medicine techniques such as gua-sha, cupping, and herbs, but also the love and passion for authentic Chinese cooking.

My 70-year old father is an extremely talented at cook, and has taught me many of the ancient methods, including how to make medicinal wine from scratch. Every time I go through the entire medicinal wine making process with him inside our kitchen at home, I have the feeling of traveling thousands of years back in history, and being face-to-face with our ancestor Dr. Yi Yin, watching the tradition passed along generations. 

Food is such an important element in our daily life, however, we are getting less and less nutrients from our food. On top of that, people are getting busier and busier, having a dificult time finding the time to cook.

In order to pass our knowledge and share our experiences, we will be updating a series of recipes in order to teach people how to make healthy and authentic Chinese dishes. They are delicious, full of good nutrients, have great therapeutic effects, and most important of all, I simplified the process to make them super easy and time-efficient to cook. Making lifestyle changes just got much easier, and you can start to have fun with us enjoying authentic Chinese cuisine!

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Enroll in Dr. Xiong's educational program for a personalized health journey. This course focuses on natural treatments like acupuncture and herbs, offering insights into traditional methods. You'll learn to tailor treatments to your needs, covering practices from cupping to nutrition. The program aims to educate on pain relief, weight management, and rejuvenation, empowering you with skills for a healthier life.