Case Study: Acupuncture as an Effective Solution for Your Migraines






Headache Free

In a recent article published by CNN, acupuncture has been found to be an effective solution for migraines. I am excited that the effectiveness of acupuncture for migraine headache relief has been getting increasing attention in the mainstream media. In our clinic, we have treated many migraine cases successfully with satisfying results.

The most severe case we treated was a patient who had been suffering from severe migraine headaches for 40+ years.  Her migraines first started when she was a teenager and worsened after menopause. When her headaches began, they were so intense that she had to stay in bed for an entire week with the curtains closed.  She lost her appetite completely, felt nauseated, and she sometimes even threw up.  Her sensitivity to light was so severe that when she had to close her eyes she still saw a pavement type of structure, which was caused by the abnormal function of the nerve cells behind her eyes.

After a series of treatments in our clinic, she was finally migraine headache free. This was one year ago and when we followed up with her about her condition recently, she was very happy to report that her migraine headaches haven’t reappeared in the entire past year.

If you happen to suffer from migraine headaches, here is normally what we do in our clinic for such cases.  First, we will need to find out what is causing your migraine headaches: the triggers, the type of migraine headaches, and whether it combines with other symptoms such as sensitivity to light, and nausea or vomiting.  We will also need to know the location of the headache, whether heat or cold alleviates the pain or worsens it, and whether the altitude or atmospheric pressure have any relation to your headache or not.   

After a systematic analysis of your symptoms, we combine the information obtained with your pulse diagnosis, your tongue and face readings, and other diagnostic methods from Chinese medicine to find out the root cause of your migraine headache.   Usually migraines are due to imbalances of your internal organs that have caused the water metabolism to become abnormal, with underlying deficiency and or stagnation. We then use acupuncture and or Chinese herbal formulas to rebalance the body.  You should look forward to your symptoms disappearing once your body is back in balance.

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